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VPN providers are not all created equally. Some provide particular features that others don't have. We've gone through them to help make this easier for you to make a decision on what fits YOUR needs.

Everyone should be looking for the best VPN and our goal is to help inform our readers with the Best VPN solution period. Take a look at our article where we’ve identified the 5 Best VPN providers out there. We outline the features of the VPN providers in order to help give you exactly what you need.

What Is a VPN?

In layman’s terms, some VPNs are designed to hide your identity while browsing online. Some give you the option to also appear in a totally different location than where you really are.

If you’d like to learn more on what a VPN is, read our article on What is a VPN?

Unblock Websites Using a VPN

If you want to open or bypass a blocked site or service such as Netflix or YouTube, a VPN is a solution for you. For example, China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, most of Germany, and other countries block access to YouTube, but a VPN is a great way to unblock and gain access to your favorite sites.